Yes, that’s right. It’s back. It’s warm fuzzy feeling Friday. So sit back, enjoy and feel all warm and fuzzy.

This week has been rather great for me. I got my final edits done, got a great first review, and got to meet authors Wendy Wax, Stephanie Bond and Raven Hart! All were wonderfully sweet.

I hope your week has gone as well and your weekend is even better!

Now, first up is your mandatory kitten picture. Actually, it’s double the cuteness…a kitten and a puppy!

This picture comes from Cute Little Kittens, where they vomit cuteness. I spent a rather long evening giving each cat my five year thought was cute a “10.” And by each cat, I mean all of them.

Not sweet enough for you? Check out this article about a student who, in an essay, nominated his teacher as his personal hero. His essay landed him and his teacher in a Superman book! Read it and try not to feel all warm and fuzzy, I dare you!

Still not sold on warm and fuzzy Friday? How about a clip! Soldiers saving cute baby Sea turtles! While scuba diving in the Cayman islands during college, I got to see a Hawksbill Sea turtle in the wild! Some day soon, I plan on going to Florida when the turtles are hatching. For now, watching tough Thai soldiers saving baby Green turtles will have to do!

To round off the day, here is your moment of funny. I still remember this clip, played so long ago. I love watching David Spade and Christina Applegate trying not to laugh. And pay particular attention to what David Spade’s character wants to be when he grows up!