It’s Warm Fuzzy Friday and boy do we need it!

To start with, here is the winner of Elisabeth Naughton’s book Stolen Fury:


Congrats to the winner and a huge thanks to Elisabeth for stopping by. Of course thanks to all of you for leaving a comment!

Come back later this week for an interview with Romantic Suspense author Cait London! She’ll be giving away a signed copy of one of her books.

And one more piece of contest news. My friend and fellow Kensington author Beverley Kendall is having a contest on her website! She’s interviewed Kris Kennedy, whose debut novel, THE CONQUEROR, comes out May 5th! Beverly is giving away books and a $15 Gift Certificate to the bookstore of your choice. Stop by her site to enter.

Now for Fuzzy Friday. First up is your mandatory kitten picture.

And because I couldn’t resist…

Now for World News. I’ve always had an interest in natural science and am amazed when scientists find new species in a world in which it seems every corner has been explored. This article I came across last week was so hopeful I had to blog about it. We’ve heard multiple studies that tell the horrors of human contact on the natural world. What they rarely tell you is the good news. And yes, there is good news!

The Great Barrier Reef is one such place that has been horribly damaged by increasing temperatures in the past decades. Pessimistic stories make it seem as if we’re doomed to kill off everything we come into contact with. But researchers are saying that the coral reef is making a huge comeback! These studies show, that given the opportunity, its not uncommon for reefs to regrow and it is possible to see amazing changes if we try! Give a hoot, don’t pollute!
And for the clip of the week…. whether you’re a White Stripes fan or not, you’ve got to love this song. So wonderfully innocent! Plus, it reminds me of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, which is rather funny. So listen away and your assignment for this weekend is to watch a funny movie! I’ll be giving a pop quiz on Monday. 😉

P.S. I’m on vacation this week and won’t be around much. Have a good weekend!