I get a lot of questions asking when my next book will be out. Since I’m self-publishing, its pretty much up to me, but I’m trying to be fair by going in order.


Right now I’m working on the second book in The Ghost Hunter series. Book two will be called The Demon Hunter and should be out in November or December. This book will star Devon, who we met in The Ghost Hunter.

Second on my list will be book two of the Night Series. Book two will be called A Night of Redemption and will be out in late Spring of next year. Book two will star Beth (from book 1, A Night of Secrets).

Then, the second book in the Seduction series (To Seduce an Earl, book 1) will release in about 9 months to a year. Yikes! I know, its a long time. Sorry! The second book will star Gideon.

And finally, The Mind Readers, which is still the book I get the most questions about 🙂 As you may or may not know, The Mind Readers is in N.Y. Yes… still…. That’s the way of N.Y. They take forever. Because it sold to Brazil, I decided to get an agent and we decided to try and sell it to N.Y. so it could get to more readers. So basically The Mind Readers is tied up in N.Y. and will be for months. I have started work on book 2 and there will be a book 3 as well. So no matter what happens, if N.Y. buys it or not, the other two books will be published.

Of course I have plenty of other books just waiting to be written; historical romances, contemporary paranormal and young adult books.