Hi everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I know you all wanted the necklace, I don’t blame you. Unfortunately there can only be one winner. And that name lucky enough to be pulled from the hat was….

Please send me you address so I can mail that to you. A special thanks to Laura for sharing her beautiful pieces and thanks to all of you! Next conference I go to, I know where I’ll be buying my jewelry!

On a side note, I saw the new Alice in Wonderland 3D movie last weekend. I enjoyed it, but I’ve always liked the book and the Disney cartoon. It’s very dark though, and my son was a bit frightened. But the one thing that stood out for me and that I enjoyed….

***Little bit of a spoiler***

Is that its up to Alice to save the day. I think so often, even in books by women, it’s the male who saves the day. So it was a nice change. In actuality we’ve been doing this in Romance Novels for awhile now. So often Romance Novels are ridiculed, but romance novels have changed and no longer are heroines the victims. What can I say, we romance lovers are ahead of our times. 😉

I’ll leave you with a little quote by playwright Tennessee Williams:

“Luck Is Believing You’re Lucky.”

Have a great day and go out and make you’re own luck!
I’m feeling the sudden need for a visit to Ireland…who is up for a trip? 😉