The winner of Enemy Lover and One Dance with a Duke is….


Please send me your mailing address so I can mail those off. If you didn’t win, fear not, I’ll be posting two more books on Monday. What will they be…hmm…the suspense!

Besides networking, the main reason for going to The Romance Writers Of America Conference is to attend workshops. I fully intended to go to workshops and in fact, did go to a few Thursday morning, in particular one on Foreign Rights that was rather interesting. But then Friday the book signings started and workshops fell to the wayside. Just about every major publisher had signings and the books were free!

A friend of mine told me you’d have to line up about an hour beforehand. So right after lunch Friday, I went to get in line for the Avon signing (see picture on right). Of course while you’re standing in line, you have nothing else to do but talk to the people around you. I met Aztec Lady (a super fun blogger/reviewer), May (a book buyer from Thailand), Kris (owner of Love Letter Magazine out of Germany), and her editor Tina, Lucy (owner of the fabulous bookstore Ever After in Australia) and Bettina (a book buyer from Germany). Of course there were many, many others I met as well.

Once those doors opened, I was like a kid in a candy store (see picture on left). So many authors and you could have a book from each, if you wanted. As I said before, it was hard to say no! I only had one bag to carry them all, so had to limit myself. But honestly, some of the best moments of the conference were standing in those lines and getting to know everyone.

The best part though, had to be meeting writers and authors I’d known for years, people I consider to be friends, yet had never met in person.

It was an expensive conference, a long drive to get there, and exhausting, but totally worth it.