First of all….

The winners of Wild Desire are…



Please email me your addresses so I can send the books.
Wild Desire is being given away on Goodreads as well. So you can try there. Wish I could give everyone a copy, but we only get a limited supply. 🙁

With that said, if you signed up to win Wild Desire and didn’t, you can have an Ecopy of my newest historical paranormal, A Night of Secrets. Just email me and I’ll give you an coupon so you can download it.

Some of you may have read my young adult book, The Mind Readers. I’ve received more emails for this book than any of my other books. So to answer your two most common questions…
Yes, there will be a book two. In fact, there will be 3 books in all.

And no, sorry, it’s not available in print.

Here’s the thing, The Mind Readers was with 3 publishers, but they all ended up rejecting it, which is why I self published it in Ebook format. So, don’t blame me for the lack of print, blame New York! lol. There is a way to self publish a print book, so I may look into that in the future. But for now, sorry, it’s only available in Ebook format.

I do have a couple signed books left from the RWA conference I went to this past summer and I believe I’ll give them away on Monday. So come back Monday to enter and possibly win some more books!
Have a good weekend 🙂