Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week. I have the winners for the Amy Abshier prints!

I know you all really wanted to win, but fret not! Amy still has plenty of amazing prints on her site and at only about $5 they’re totally worth the price!

As for the winners for my guest blog, I haven’t heard back yet from the ladies at Fresh Fiction. They’re confirming addresses but when I get the email with the winners, I’ll make sure to announce that here too!

As you may know, last week I was able to go to a book signing with Stephanie Bond and Wendy Wax. While there, I also meet author Raven Hart. All three were incredibly sweet and helpful. Here are two pictures from the signing. A woman named Cathy owns the bookstore and is an awesome supporter of books and authors. These pictures were taken by Cathy and posted on her facebook page. If you live in or near Atlanta, her bookshop is a must!
Below is a picture of Wendy Wax, Stephanie Bond, and Raven Hart.

This picture of the audience has Raven Hart and seated next to her, just barely visible behind the woman with blonde hair, is me!

Book signings are such a great place to meet your favorite author and to get a signed book. And there is nothing an author appreciates more than when people actually show up! I’ve heard horror stories about authors just sitting at a table all by their lonesome. So your assignment, if you so choose, is the next time you’re in a book store and see an author, or see a advertisement for an upcoming author, stop and say hello!
Coming up in the near future are more author interviews and an interview with artist Melissa Nucera! So come back soon for more chances to win!