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Being that it’s warm, fuzzy feeling Friday, what better way to celebrate than assisting a person in need? It will make her feel better, you’ll feel better, and the world will be better.

Here’s Christiana’s story.

My name is Christiana Cameron and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to I’m also a writer who would love to see my work distributed by a major publishing house (what writer wouldn’t?). Having written for many years it would mean sooo much to me to see my work at the very least make the finals! Some sort of ‘sign’ that I’m in the right business! So, along with dozens of other writers I have embarked on the very stressful journey to publication via vote based competition!

The Contest in association with Dorchester Publishing is hosting a contest entitled “THE NEXT BEST CELLER”. Textnovel is a place where writers of any genre can enter their writing and have their stories read by subscribers, many of which view the writings on their cell phones. Dorchester apparently likes the idea and has agreed to a vote based competition where the top 20 entries in their contest go to the semi-finals. From there more voting until the top 10 are culled out. From there it’s up to Dorchester…the winner gets a publishing contract.

Christiana’s Entry
My entry, DEATH’S ANGEL, is a paranormal romance set in contemporary times. It’s the story of terminal care nurse, Vivienne Dupre. Her life is one based on compassion and giving all she has to make certain the people she cares for end their lives as comfortably as possible. Her dedication not only helps those who are dying but the families they leave behind. And her efforts have not gone unnoticed, not even by Death himself.

Death has a name. It is Devlin O’Neal.

Devlin cast his eyes downward. “I live a dark and lonely existence. I bring tears and grief with me every moment of every mortal day. I watch murders plunder their victims. I watch doctors and researchers trying to beat me back but I always win. I’m hated and loathed and I despise it.”

Sympathy had tears burning her eyes. “Devlin…I’m sorry.”

His jaw flexed in an obvious attempt to keep the flood gate of emotion closed. “I don’t want your pity. I need you to show me the compassion that you show others who are dying.”

He held out his hand. “Hold me to your bosom as you did Barb. Kiss me gingerly on the forehead as you did Les. Talk sweetly to me as you did to Judith.”

“But I’m not your nurse.” Her heart crashed against her ribs. A pact with Death? “And your not sick.”

“No, but my time is exceedingly limited. And when I go, I will never be able to come back.”

Please consider signing up and voting for Christiana’s entry, DEATH’S ANGEL. It will only take a moment of your time and you’ll be helping a person accomplish her dream. Here’s the link if you want to vote and if you don’t vote, you’re a horrible person who, let’s face it, will probably end up going to hell.

A final message from Christiana

To vote all you have to do is sign up (and NO you don’t have to sign up via cell phone, an e-mail address will do just fine) and hit the thumbs up button. If you want updates, hit the cell phone icon (you can receive these with just the e-mail address). If you hit both I get not one but two votes!

I attempt to enter a new chapter every day. If you have any questions my e-mail address is I am also a regular blogger over at Romance Round Table.

Thank you so much for your time!

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